Hi Stuart

First, to let you know that I took the Strada out for a run this
morning, and had a very enjoyable time. I did a few miles round the
back lanes to allow for engine and gearbox warming and to free off the
brakes. When eveything felt right, I tried the bike out on a local A
road that is beloved of bikers, with lots of fast and slow bends. It
was lovely. I soon got back into the Morini groove, lots of
gearchanging to enjoy the exhaust note and gradually having the
confidence to use more revs. Nicer gearbox on the Strada than on the
1977 Sport I owned all those years ago, by the way.

I was cautious because although it was sunny, the roads were damp in
patches where the sun had not reached. I did not want to be trailing
back to you to fix a collection of crashed parts so soon after buying
the bike. But in all road conditions the bike felt steady.

I am glad I chose the Strada because the riding position suits me
perfectly - very upright and dignified, and appropriate to my advancing

Best Regards



A quick note to thank Rob for the speedy delivery of my parts order. Only placed order yesterday mid-afternoon and arrived in today's post! Should keep me busy between Christmas and New Year!

Hope everyone at NLM has a great Christmas and New Year!

Thanks again,



Hiya Stuart,

Just a quick email to say thank you for your excellent customer service.

I received my below purchase just before Christmas so able to give them as a gift from Santa. The oil cooler guard fits the motor morini perfectly which has made my partner a very happy man. So once again thank you very much from Down Under, we would be happy to highly recommend MV motorcycles to your local customers and our friends here in Australia.





Hi Stuart - just like to say a quick Thank You for the amazingly quick delivery - everything now on the bike and within 24 hours of calling!




Dear Stuart,

I would like to thank you, Chris, but mostly Alex, Ellis and Olly for
the unexpected work carried out on Saturday. I was very impressed by
the very professional and courteous service. Most of all I would like
to thank Alex for saving me the cost of a wrecked engine and the
amazing strip down and rebuild in such a short period of time. Please
let him know that everything is running OK and the bike really performs
well now.

I would be grateful if you could confirm the valve clearances for the
inlet and exhaust. Thanks once again for such brilliant service, long
may it continue! :-)

Kind regards,

Neil Trinder


Dear Stuart,

I thought you might be pleased to hear that I entered the Morini Corsarino
which I bought from you about four or five years ago into the Leinster
Motorcycle Show last week. I came home with first prize in the continental
bikes section beating some beautiful Ducatis, Guzzis and MV's. It is quite
a prestigious show, probably the biggest in the republic.

Many thanks,

Dave Phillips



Hi Stuart,
news is excellent. got the crate from the from the bonded warehouse yesterday and got her out of the crate this arv. you and your team have done an absolutely excellent job in un-bending her. she looks as good as i bought her. the best news is that after topping up the fuel and re-connecting the battery, she started FIRST kick. with a witness!!! abso-bloody-lutely marvelous.
Thank you a thousand times thank you !!! i'll send some photos of her first run out.
PS THAT CRATE!!! a remnant of when the empire was great. what a work of art. even the customs and quarantine blokes were impressed (and they've seen some crates before).
cheers to you all at your emporium




Hello Stuart,

Once again it appears Ollie done an excellent job. No oil leak after the return journey from your premises and I have been out on the Morini this week-end and left on its side stand for a few days and still no leaking.

The plastic cover on the display is now also fixed.

I would like to thank you and your staff for the great service provided!



This is the first chance I have had to say thanks for NLM's brilliant
service sending my new voltage control unit. Ordered 4:30 Friday, it turned
up in Saturday morning's post and immediately seems to have cured the
Sport's taste for eating batteries.




Hi Stuart,

Just to let you know that the little Morini coped beautifully with the revolting weather and almost gridlocked M25 last night! We managed to get the 9pm ferry at Portsmouth and arrived home happy if quite tired at 10pm. We did take the A5, then back to the M1, M25 and A3, all pretty soggy and at times in very heavy rain. Just the ignition module that rattled loose but quickly tightened up, and the speedo that seems to be calibrated for kph rather than mph (well 80 on the dial equated to about 50mph!) and I see the tacho never worked so guess that was the case when it came to you! Sunday morning has been set aside to do a good clean up and polish, and check over given it's the first decent run the bike's had for 20 years at least.

Can you please relay my huge thanks and appreciation to the guys in the workshop for all that they have done, and also to you as I have found the service and support quite exemplary. I am sure there will another trip up to you for work at some point in the future, otherwise I will be aiming for Cadwell hopefully next year!

Kind regards





Thanks for the great customer service!!!!!!

Ed Perry

167 State Street

Charleroi, PA. 15022




Hi Stuart

Thanks for completing the order.

All present & correct.

The disc pads you provided were the right ones.

Many thanks/ Great service