When proper 4 star leaded fuel became hard to get in the UK, petrol companies assured us all that

Lead Replacement Petrol [LRP] was a direct substitute without problems. Since then we have had a lot of bikes from every manufacturer in our workshop for poor running on LRP-- their owners do not agree.

Many cylinder head specialists advertise their willingness to take your money for so called

"lead free conversions". The parts concerned are valves, valve guides and valve seats. Some conversions consist of any combination of these three—plainly questionable! .As far as our main interest in Moto Morini is concerned we have all of these parts available from stock and the expertise to fit them BUT;-

1 Why not wear out what you have got first?
2 Engines running on LRP appear to wear out more quickly than they did on proper leaded fuel , but if you run on cheap unleaded with an additive they still  last quite a long time and run properly.. Track use or really hard road use still wears exhaust valve seats though.
3 We have tested various additives but some are so chemically dangerous you would not want them near the house. We have become distributors for "MOREYS" UCL from New Zealand because it is fantastic stuff.
4 Moreys is a natural oil based product, patented up to the hilt. To run your motor safely on unleaded fuel it is necessary to add a small quantity to your fuel. The economy of any vehicle is normally improved so much that the oil more than pays for itself. Engine life expectations for normal use are restored together with easier starting and better running, all on cheap unleaded fuel without the need for expensive engineering or expensive parts. This stuff works on old, tired motors , petrol , diesel or turbo right through to modern high efficiency injected sports motors with catalytic converters
5 For racing and really hard use, even Moreys will not extend the life of the exhaust seats for very long. We recommend you wear out what you have got first, and then we will engineer a proper conversion for you. Please do not rush to spend your money unnecessarily
6 We think the easiest way to use Moreys is to have a bottle of it handy in the garage, kitchen, porch or whatever. When you return home after filling with petrol, squirt in the appropriate small amount [it is marked on the bottle] It is not the end of the World if you miss a half tank occasionally [e.g. on holiday] ,but the big bottle can be taken with you in a car, lorry or touring M/Cycle. For sports bikes we now offer much smaller bottles full.